Sure Success Intensive April 2019

See how Suresh Babu decode the process of achieving your success and explain the logic behind this engineering


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Sukanya Sandeep

I have to definitely tell you that this group coaching Event, “Sure Success Intensive” over a weekend, had made me a better person and has speeden up my navigation through my plans

Bharath G

SSI is a very unique program. It not only teaches you the various aspects of becoming successful but empowers you right there during the program itself. I learnt a lot about myself and about the people who have made a difference in my life

Ganesh Shenoy

I had an opportunity to be a part of the previous, “Sure Success Intensive” program in November ‘2016. Before participating in SSI I had attended various international certification programs over the last couple of years and had accumulated several learning logs and had a major challenge of putting these learnings into action

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