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It’s a FACT that 90% of the wealth is with 10% of the population on this planet earth and if you move up by 1% from where you are, you will be a Millionaire.Come let's discuss on strategies on how you can move UP by 1%  at Bangaloreffered as an Open Workshop for individuals. So far, this program was implemented with StartUps and recorded a 400% increase in Efficiency & Performance in just 4 months. 

400% is achievable based on your Individual Strenghts.

Be there and allow the transformation to happen. If Success is something you are craving for? Then these two days would be transformational.

Learn and implement the strategies which work. Would you like to know, how the Giants like, Microsoft(s) and Google(s) of the world continue to be successful irrespective of market condition?


The Pride Hotel, 93, Richmond Rd, Langford Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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