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Sure Success Intensive

(A 2 Day Group Coaching and Boot Camp at Bangalore, India) 

This is a SERIOUS session for SERIOUS people who want SERIOUS results. If you are One who is looking at year 2019 as a game changing year, then just register and help us take responsibility to deliver beyond your expectations. 

About The Event

It’s a FACT that 90% of the wealth is with 10% of the population on this planet earth and if you move up by 1% from where you are, you will be a Millionaire.

Come let's discuss on strategies on how you can move UP by 1% and get closer to your DREAMS.

 If you are ONE who talks about 2X,3X,8X results then you need to invest your time, effort and money on this event for Sure.

One Life Academy presents its Signature Program, 'Sure Success Intensive' on 19th & 20th April at Bangalore. This is the FIRST time this program is offered as an Open Workshop for individuals. So far, this program was implemented with StartUps and recorded a 400% increase in Efficiency & Performance in just 4 months. 

400% is achievable based on your Individual Strenghts.

Be there and allow the transformation to happen. If Success is something you are craving for? Then these two days would be transformational.

Learn and implement the strategies which work. Would you like to know, how the Giants like, Microsoft(s) and Google(s) of the world continue to be successful irrespective of market condition? Then these two days would be indeed the pivotal two days.

For the first time ever we are conducting an event with reports around knowing yourselves InSideOut where in you will enter with your Strengths Discovered, Personality Type known, know your Interests around professional and leisure life.

Yes, you heard us right, once you register we will start with Sure Success Series* (worth Rs.40,000/-) a unique approach to know yourselves in the best known scientific way. We have certified MBTI Practitioners, certified Performance Coach who will administer you during these two-day workshop.

Read about the trainer/facilitator to know what Knowledge, Experience and Expertise is making this a possibility.

Never before in the history of India, something was available close to this, for ambitious individuals (Entrepreneurs & Corporate Professionals), other than Giants (Fortune 100).

Schedule DaY One:

  • Know yourself, Personality Type MBTI , Discover your StrengthsFinder by Gallups.

  • Results Do Matter (Role of Behaviors, one mind set and Self Concept)

  • Xcellence a Habit (Defining excellence and steps to make it a habit, mastering the art of taking ACTion)

  • Mind OS (MIND Operating System, finding the bug, CRAP and debugging the CRAP, Power of starting).

Schedule DaY Two:

  • Clarity and it’s Power (Discovering REAL YOU, your ROAD and path)

  • Project as a Project(Redefining & Managing business as a Project in line with PMI,USA, The SMART Way)

  • Small is Good (Making Chunks, 90 Day Plan, Weekly Task List, being Coachable.

  • Close with a Celebration (Revisit, Review, Redo the plan & Reward).

Product/Service need to be good to WIN in the market, however having processes and frameworks is essential to be a WINNER, which most of the times entrepreneurs miss to consider. Real success is when you have RIGHT people on board. How to have synergy between your products/services, processes/framework and the most important resources, PEOPLE is what we will be working during this Group Coaching.

Reserve your SEAT by registering now. We go by process and framework and can accommodate limited, ambitious and optimistic few.

We care for your RESULTS. 

Schedule a call to know more, TEXT or WhatsApp “SSI – Want More INFO” to +919945226624 also ask for DISCOUNT CODE :)


The Pride Hotel, 93, Richmond Rd, Langford Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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